The Sun Will Rise…..

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Waiting Room

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

We all are Humans. We all are different from the other species on the planet in the way that we can change our lives, we have the power to transform our state into one that we desire with the aid of the best gift from the almighty- “Mind”.

Life is a melancholy which is crafted into a Song with the Ups and Downs, these might seem to be hectic and would pose problems to you, but without the ups and downs; you can introspect yourself that what your life would become.

Amidst the fast paced life, in order to gain money, freedom, job etc.; we don’t even notice that how intrinsically we are engulfed by the negative thoughts and feelings. Everything seems to be in a hap-hazard way and looks like that world has turned upside down.

The most important aspect of struggle,rather I should say, the key to making through it – Patience, goes into the dump of negligence. We aspire to see the effects of our work as soon as possible.Gradually, this makes us impatient and leads to a depressive attitude towards life. We forget everything and live in a space adrift from our goals.

What we forget is that if we continue to exhaust ourselves into our efforts, if we continue with our dilligent work-culture – One day, the Sun Will Rise. This too shall pass – this should be our attitude and without being discontented with our present acquisitions, we must anticipate that the best is yet to come. Waiting doesn’t means that we must stop, rather it states that we must help ourselves to get out of the situation and win with flying colours.Lastly, I want to say one thing


A Mystical Land where 99% of the

Human Productivity, Motivation And

Achievement is Stored.

So Wait for it, Surely It Will Serve You with A Handful Of Opportunities.

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