Jeans – Facts Inside It

Tale goes to the days of Gold Rush in California. People were coming there in search of Gold in numbers and this also drew a lot of merchants. One such German Merchant living in New York City was Levi Strauss. He, on behalf of his family left on a long voyage to the West Coast.

Earlier in those days for reaching the west coast with lots of goods sea route was preferred which went through Cape Horn( Near Chile in South America). Cape Horn was surrounded by various natural calamities and difficulties. Thus Levi also travelled through that route and reached West Coast in 8 months. Reaching there with covers and tents, he started his business.

One day a man told him, “ We needed rugged pants rather than these tents”. This stirred him and to provide rugged pants he started making pants out of the tent clothes. But their ruggedness caused discomfort, thus he ordered a French Fabric – Serge De Nimes. This is now popularly known as Denim.

But one problem remained unaddressed. The rugged pants tore off due to the thick fabric and threads alone weren’t able to hold the stitches together. In 1872 this problem came to a Romanian Tailor Jacob Davis who was working near a Mine Habitation. He used Copper Rivets near the high stress points  – Which you’ll see today also in your pockets and pants.

Due to unavailability of sufficient knowledge and paperwork he was unable to patent this work. He approached the manufacturer of such clothes – Levi Strauss. Thus On 20th May 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented Copper Riveted Wearables under US Patent 139,121. This day is marked as the Birth Of Jeans and Birth Of Levis as a Brand.

Further in 1936 Levis started using a red mark on the rear left pocket to make the jeans identifiable from a distance. This all started the trend that we wear with attitude today.

The Present TrendMaker – Levi Strauss & Co.