Child – Only By Definition

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Good Tidings

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Hello Rahul….How are You?….How you are doing these days? I start with a round of general introductory questions. But, I am shocked of not getting any reply. I am watching the boy sitting on the other side of the table, trying hard to speak,even utter a word but after all the melo-drama – He can’t. I was just about to apologise, but all of a sudden – A Hello!!!!

Indeed a very mild start to our conversation. With the thought of the boy being frightened, I changed my approach about talking to such a child who has too many fears to even utter a single word. Finally after talking for sometime I realised that the child “suffered” from stammering. The word in inverted commas has been with me since ages but I have always defied it and mocked at its face.

After realising that the child bore all the pressures in a surrounding that was full of domestic violence, hardships and the problem that stood on the top : Stammering. What it feels like when you take the centre stage and no sound comes from mic; rather sounds of mockery and joy fill in from other side of the stage. What it feels like to remain in a severely violence struck house and still go everyday and realise your full potential through your deeds.

I want to teach him that the biggest challenge lies within. The Challenge – When your inner being will fight with your outer being. You will be made to show an entirely different you. And, in case, the child wanted to remain the same, he would have to be the bearer of all the pain caused on account of it.

But above all this, I want to tell him that one day you’ll be among the few in India( 2nd most populous nation) and that day you’ll realise that you have turned the world upside down; not only yours but for others too. I really want to say him that you will perform and you’ll show not to world but to yourself that you have the mettle. For this achievement,you’ll have to pay, you’ll suffer the hardest time of your life, strive to see your grandma(everything in life) but will never see her. The last thing that’ll come is the Silver Lining and You’ll Be The One

After this Joy will be your constant companion always and you’ll have a family of friends and dear ones. And finally ,the true source of joy will come when you’ll witness the manifestation of your lost loved one in the best person you’ll meet till date. You’ll stay with the person not for now but for eternity to share, care and love.

Finally I want to say one thing I know myself now and I knew myself back then. I was a Child only by definition and became grown up even before being recognised as a child. But I always whispered to myself : I’ll break the shell , I’ll come out of it ….Rise from the Hell….I’ll come out of it.

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A Ray Of Hope

Times have always been a changing ‘commodity’. I am referring to it as ‘commodity’ as you need to buy it for spending in activities that give you joy, happiness and life-bound pleasures. In today’s ever changing world you need to be too efficient a manager in order to realise the full potential of time.

Enough of time…let’s move on to our hopes

Time – It’s never on your side when you demand for it. Be it the best in business, time never stops for anyone. Time and again we are put the forefront to battle it out. Battle out of our wits to achieve or if not achieve, rather just make it to the finish line. Facing Problems has always been my “hobby”. I am referring it as hobby because I have a continuos array of them. These have now become a part of my life; truly an integral one.

I faced too many, facing now some and would be facing lot of them in future. All of us are like that; we all are the same. You and me are no different; we are inter-linked in one way or the other.

But amidst all these problems, hurdles lie the most important ones for us – people. Be it a friend, spouse, family member but we all need a resting places in these torrid times. We all need them not only for their presence but their words which remain with us even in their absence. For me, yes I’ve got One. Too small a number – Right??? But I am a staunch believer of the fact that God is also One. Thus, that One for me is Everything. Really I’ve been through so much in the past year and still happier than ever in that very year.

This is the effect that “One” had upon me. Whenever we feel low, it is the best to talk our heart out, no matter how much passive(introvert) we are. Talking our heart out to that person not only relieves us but also provides us with the long lost confidence in ourselves. Laying your head on their shoulders is so calming that it’s effect can be felt deep inside your heart. Do experience it, Do give the liberty to someone to heal you, to step inside you. Surely you’ll feel the strength and the love being imparted to you.

It’s much above the worldly relations that we are bound in, It’s much above the pains and hardships because for now and for always….

A ray of hope lies beneath that horizon.

You’re never gonna be alone
From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go,
I won’t let you fall.
When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on.
We’re gonna see the world out,
I’ll hold you ’til the hurt is gone.


Drawing inspirations from life events is much simpler than it seems to be. We have started to forget the person with whom we live the most – Ourselves. Haphazardous living styles, peer – pressure and competition have all laid havoc on our thinking . Hobbies have undergone an “upside-downish” turnaround with the most trendy being either cursing ourselves or our fate.

We don’t yet know that where all this would lead to; but are doing it for the sake of our parents or for the sake of fulfilment of desires. These desires at the end of the road seem too small a thing to be taken care of. Ultimately, we all demand to rest and at that point of time we neither find a person nor any such event; which can revive us from our dwelling zone.

We have to Stop; Stop in a way that our mind thinks and finds a way out. We will defy our foes; once we gather all our strengths and wills which can give us a reason for our living. Grabbing instances from the lives of animals is one such thing but needs observational attitude found lacking these days. I think one such creation is –  “dog”.

Animal is a term that must be put to use these days for the people who are indulged in lowly activities not just hampering the peace but also probing into the definitions of Humanity. “Humanity” seems to be a long-lost term as far as life; these days is concerned. Sharing my experience with dogs I have come across in my life. They have always been much more to me for more than half of my life. Here too, in college; I found one.

The ray of hope, the burst of inspiration that this creature provides is free from any materialistic attractions. It is purely love bound with an supra-addictive aura attached to it from my side. Be it that now he can barely walk, barely eat, barely bark owing to his illness but still…..still he responds to my calls with the favourite love sign among dogs – “Dangling of his Tail”.

  This scene revives all my senses to the deepest and forces me to replicate his deeds. Perpetuate his teaching through every action of mine and live the life that he has taught me in such small duration of time. He is the one for me. Can’t you find one for yourself…Can’t we all live for others….I know the well versed thought that  –

“Time is a scarce commodity”

But  Is time become so scarce that you have forgotten yourself

Your Inner Being………..