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I belong to the Tech-Fraternity of the nation, that too from the much hyped Indian Institute Of Technology. I am presently a student in the junior year( for Indians – 3rd year) and pursuing a bachelors in Mining Engineering. This is my “thought-yard” –  A space unbound of any restrictions. I will be presenting my views over life, football games, sometimes providing you in-depth information and analysis of varied Techie – Buzzes goin around.

My prime concern would be towards life and humanity as I find these things very over-shadowed these days. We all live in a space where competition is everything. Especially when you belong to a nation which stands 2nd in population and 2nd in corruption. Be it my fate, Be it my destiny but I’ll not end up living in such an environment and would do my bit to uplift the people in this world.

You only live once but if you Do it Right only Once is Enough

So I want to make it count and live to let humanity perpetuate. I extend my heartfelt appeal to each one of my reader that if you read my blog just for once. Please stop for a moment and think upon it and try to realise it in your life because only then….only then my purpose of writing will be served….


2 thoughts on “About

  1. But the million dollar question is how many Indians take time to stop by and read other’s blogs. I was so happy that you mentioned my blog name in your Golden Key article.

    When i initially started blogging, i thought will anyone from our country ever read them. Must say your writing is beautiful. Keep writing more…

    Here you go with one more follower for your beautiful blog who shall stop and think for a moment on your writing.

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    • Really… Really this precious view of your boasts my spirit up to the limits… Never got such an awesome comment…
      Want to thank you whole heartedly for really appreciating my writing and I will make sure to keep up with your expectations
      Thanks again… 🙂

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