Jeans – Facts Inside It

Tale goes to the days of Gold Rush in California. People were coming there in search of Gold in numbers and this also drew a lot of merchants. One such German Merchant living in New York City was Levi Strauss. He, on behalf of his family left on a long voyage to the West Coast.

Earlier in those days for reaching the west coast with lots of goods sea route was preferred which went through Cape Horn( Near Chile in South America). Cape Horn was surrounded by various natural calamities and difficulties. Thus Levi also travelled through that route and reached West Coast in 8 months. Reaching there with covers and tents, he started his business.

One day a man told him, “ We needed rugged pants rather than these tents”. This stirred him and to provide rugged pants he started making pants out of the tent clothes. But their ruggedness caused discomfort, thus he ordered a French Fabric – Serge De Nimes. This is now popularly known as Denim.

But one problem remained unaddressed. The rugged pants tore off due to the thick fabric and threads alone weren’t able to hold the stitches together. In 1872 this problem came to a Romanian Tailor Jacob Davis who was working near a Mine Habitation. He used Copper Rivets near the high stress points  – Which you’ll see today also in your pockets and pants.

Due to unavailability of sufficient knowledge and paperwork he was unable to patent this work. He approached the manufacturer of such clothes – Levi Strauss. Thus On 20th May 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented Copper Riveted Wearables under US Patent 139,121. This day is marked as the Birth Of Jeans and Birth Of Levis as a Brand.

Further in 1936 Levis started using a red mark on the rear left pocket to make the jeans identifiable from a distance. This all started the trend that we wear with attitude today.

The Present TrendMaker – Levi Strauss & Co.


Mining – Cradle of Evolution

Whenever we hear of Mining – What we have is a profession that is Tainted in Black. Not only due to the type of work that it encompasses within but also for the Corruption that has swept within. The highly paid and highly risky profession brings with it mis-management because of the powers being vested into wrong hands. I am not of the view that every one is corrupt but staunch believer of the fact that the process through which Mining Industry is ran by the Governments of Developed to Developing Nations is full of loop-holes which can be easily negotiated. The Black Money got its name from this Industry owing to all these things

But enough of this….Recently we hear these things very much in the news and everywhere. Tracing it’s past Mining was one of the major reason for the development and evolution of Mankind. I am writing to present you one such instance.

We all have heard of the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco- The Rich West Coast of the World’s Most Powerful Nation – The United States Of America.California came into existence because of Gold Rush. Gold Rush was an extravagant unscientific drive of slaughter mining in which Gold was mined in the 1850’s. California was a part of Mexican territory though it had been occupied by the U.S. in the Mexican-American War. The area was ceded to the U.S. in the treaty of Guadalepe Hidalgo on Febraury 2 1848 less than 2 weeks after the discovery of Gold.

All this on account of Mining causing first the capture and then the formation of California.

Samuel Brannan holds the title of being the 1st Millionaire of that time owing to Gold Mining activity near Sacramento( Present Capital of California). Sam Brannan was a news paper publisher but soon transformed into an industrialist and real – estate holder to grab the opportunity of benefitting from the Mining Activity. The collection of Gold was done using Mercury which was no less than a magic trick in those times as Gold particles formed globules when dipped in Mercury. Reason behind this was the formation of Hg-Au Amalgam. Almost 150,000 people went towards West during those times but only 5% of them succeeded in reaping benefits from Gold Rush.

Thus it never matters how much we curse Miners, the bureaucrats behind the loopy and tangible processes…

Mining stands tall and Mining is the sole cause of the evolution of Industries.

A Ray Of Hope

Times have always been a changing ‘commodity’. I am referring to it as ‘commodity’ as you need to buy it for spending in activities that give you joy, happiness and life-bound pleasures. In today’s ever changing world you need to be too efficient a manager in order to realise the full potential of time.

Enough of time…let’s move on to our hopes

Time – It’s never on your side when you demand for it. Be it the best in business, time never stops for anyone. Time and again we are put the forefront to battle it out. Battle out of our wits to achieve or if not achieve, rather just make it to the finish line. Facing Problems has always been my “hobby”. I am referring it as hobby because I have a continuos array of them. These have now become a part of my life; truly an integral one.

I faced too many, facing now some and would be facing lot of them in future. All of us are like that; we all are the same. You and me are no different; we are inter-linked in one way or the other.

But amidst all these problems, hurdles lie the most important ones for us – people. Be it a friend, spouse, family member but we all need a resting places in these torrid times. We all need them not only for their presence but their words which remain with us even in their absence. For me, yes I’ve got One. Too small a number – Right??? But I am a staunch believer of the fact that God is also One. Thus, that One for me is Everything. Really I’ve been through so much in the past year and still happier than ever in that very year.

This is the effect that “One” had upon me. Whenever we feel low, it is the best to talk our heart out, no matter how much passive(introvert) we are. Talking our heart out to that person not only relieves us but also provides us with the long lost confidence in ourselves. Laying your head on their shoulders is so calming that it’s effect can be felt deep inside your heart. Do experience it, Do give the liberty to someone to heal you, to step inside you. Surely you’ll feel the strength and the love being imparted to you.

It’s much above the worldly relations that we are bound in, It’s much above the pains and hardships because for now and for always….

A ray of hope lies beneath that horizon.

You’re never gonna be alone
From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go,
I won’t let you fall.
When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on.
We’re gonna see the world out,
I’ll hold you ’til the hurt is gone.