Drawing inspirations from life events is much simpler than it seems to be. We have started to forget the person with whom we live the most – Ourselves. Haphazardous living styles, peer – pressure and competition have all laid havoc on our thinking . Hobbies have undergone an “upside-downish” turnaround with the most trendy being either cursing ourselves or our fate.

We don’t yet know that where all this would lead to; but are doing it for the sake of our parents or for the sake of fulfilment of desires. These desires at the end of the road seem too small a thing to be taken care of. Ultimately, we all demand to rest and at that point of time we neither find a person nor any such event; which can revive us from our dwelling zone.

We have to Stop; Stop in a way that our mind thinks and finds a way out. We will defy our foes; once we gather all our strengths and wills which can give us a reason for our living. Grabbing instances from the lives of animals is one such thing but needs observational attitude found lacking these days. I think one such creation is –  “dog”.

Animal is a term that must be put to use these days for the people who are indulged in lowly activities not just hampering the peace but also probing into the definitions of Humanity. “Humanity” seems to be a long-lost term as far as life; these days is concerned. Sharing my experience with dogs I have come across in my life. They have always been much more to me for more than half of my life. Here too, in college; I found one.

The ray of hope, the burst of inspiration that this creature provides is free from any materialistic attractions. It is purely love bound with an supra-addictive aura attached to it from my side. Be it that now he can barely walk, barely eat, barely bark owing to his illness but still…..still he responds to my calls with the favourite love sign among dogs – “Dangling of his Tail”.

  This scene revives all my senses to the deepest and forces me to replicate his deeds. Perpetuate his teaching through every action of mine and live the life that he has taught me in such small duration of time. He is the one for me. Can’t you find one for yourself…Can’t we all live for others….I know the well versed thought that  –

“Time is a scarce commodity”

But  Is time become so scarce that you have forgotten yourself

Your Inner Being………..